Collection: Pearls necklaces

Your destination for unique  pearl necklaces.

At Atelier Émigé, each pearl is meticulously chosen to create elegant and unique handmade jewellery. We create unique keshi pearl necklaces for people looking for an original and sophisticated jewel.

Our jewelry is handmade with exceptional pearls.

Our keshi pearl necklaces are designed to add a refined touch to your outfit. Keshi pearls are natural, asymmetrical and of various shapes, which makes each piece of jewelry unique.

They are formed by a mollusk or an oyster having rejected the nucleus. They can form naturally in fresh waters or in the seas.

We ensure that each pearl is of exceptional quality, with dazzling luster and color.

Our online store of keshi pearl jewelry.

Our online store allows you to browse our selection of high quality keshi pearl necklaces. You can find the necklace that suits your style, whether you're looking for a keshi pearl necklace or our Number Two Necklace , which showcases these little gems of nature with ease.

At L'Atelier Émigé, we pride ourselves on creating unique and timeless jewelry that stands out. Each pearl is exceptional and carefully chosen to add a distinguished touch to your jewelry collection.