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Unisex leather bracelet or keshi pearl bracelet - Trendy accessories for men and women

Are you looking for a versatile and trendy accessory that is suitable for both men and women? Do not search anymore ! We have designed your unisex leather bracelet. The Number One bracelet is the perfect accessory to complete your outfit.

Our keshi pearl bracelets are designed to add a refined touch to your outfit. Keshi pearls are natural, asymmetrical and of various shapes, which makes each piece of jewelry unique. They are formed by a mollusk or an oyster having rejected the nucleus. Extremely rare, they can form naturally in fresh water or in the seas.

We ensure that each pearl is of exceptional quality, with dazzling luster and color.


The perfect choice for a casual or chic look

With their clean and distinctive designs, they match any outfit and add a chic touch to your style. Made from high quality genuine leather and 925 silver, or alternatively natural keshi pearls or gemstones, they are also tough and durable for everyday use. Whether you wear them for a special occasion or simply to complete your everyday outfit, our bracelets will be a stylish addition to your accessory collection.

Made from leather, silver or natural keshi pearls

The leather brings a touch of texture and character to the accessory, while the silver adds a touch of delicacy and shine. Keshi pearls are elegant and refined. Our bracelets are finely crafted to ensure their quality and longevity, while being comfortable to wear. It is important to protect your bracelets by avoiding any contact with water. We recommend that you remove your bracelets before taking a shower, swimming in a swimming pool or in a spa.

With its mix of leather and silver, it will be ideal for adding a touch of class to any outfit you wear.

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