Transformation d'une chevalière ancienne:


At the émigé workshop we give you the opportunity to give a second life to your old jewellery.

> WHY?

The price of gold is constantly increasing. Why let your old jewelry sleep without wearing it?

Maybe your grandmother's ring doesn't quite match your aesthetic tastes, but it holds invaluable sentimental value as a unique keepsake.

Why not have it personalized according to your preferences and thus perpetuate its heritage by passing it on from generation to generation?


When you are ready, click on the link provided and make an appointment with Emilie to discuss your project. She will be delighted to accompany you in the personalization of your jewel and to help you create THE jewel that will please you while preserving its precious and sentimental character for generations to come.


To learn more about the custom creation process, click here .

 If you want to get inspired, our TikTok page is full of videos of our latest upcyclings