Boucles d'oreilles modulables

A living collection

In line with Art Nouveau, this collection takes its source in nature, plays on curved lines and asymmetry to create unique jewellery.

Inspired sometimes by gingko leaves or by sublimating keshi pearls, at Atelier émigé we create timeless jewellery, for a style that stands the test of the seasons and the years.


Like the nature from which it is inspired, this new collection is alive .

Your jewels can be composed as you wish thanks to an ingenious and modular system. Some models have a minimalist base, which can be completed with a pattern, a stone
or even a pearl, in order to be personalized according to occasions and desires.

Whether we play with symmetry or asymmetry, this collection offers a great playground for each of us, and allows us to
evolve its jewelry over time.

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